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"Where winning is a tradition!..."

    • Excellent results year after year speak of IEC accomplishment in the field of education.
    • All our programs are based on the timetested teaching methodology which has been perfected by IEC and has thus produced unmatched results consistently.
    • IEC has over the years planned, delivered and innovated the art and science of educating and directing students to excel, not only at their respective boards, but also at various entrance exams.

"First come, First Served”

  • Since the in-take is on "First come, First Served” basis, there is no discrimination among the students studying at IEC. Every student is treated, taught and taken care of in the most unbiased manner. Our team of accomplished teachers, are trained to work on the batch and not on individual students. This ensures that batches after batches produce high average scores year after year.
  • Our results over the years have been a testimony of our commitment and hard-work. We take pride in publishing the results every year in the most transparent and honest manner.

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